Why blog, anyway?

A couple of my friends who noticed my blog posts in their Facebook newsfeeds have asked me “What made you start a blog, anyway?”

That question is simultaneously easy to answer and hard to answer.

In the “easy” category, I decided to try blogging because while I am well known for funny Facebook statuses, that particular medium doesn’t lend itself to longer writings. I’m not interested in producing a work the length of “War and Peace”, but really, if a Facebook status is long enough that a person has to click “show more”, the odds of anyone reading the whole thing aren’t terribly good.

Also in the “easy” category – the timing of the blog.  I have a few friends who are big into writing, and that sometimes participate in National Novel Writing Month each November.  Indeed, my good friend David Burgett has published four novels, two of which are NaNoWriMo products.  I don’t feel like I have a novel in me, but the idea of writing a blog post every day appealed to me.  I actually missed posting on 11/3 because I was attending a baby shower in St. Louis so all three people who read my blog will have to deal with reading 2 of my posts one day this week since I gotta make up for lost time.

In the “hard” category – well, I feel like there is a small chance that maybe something I have to say might help, encourage, or inspire someone else.  That likely sounds a bit vain, but over the last few years I’ve also been told that I am somehow motivational and encouraging to some of my friends because of my work in improving various areas of my life and developing as a person.  Selfishly, that feeds my ego a bit – but more unselfishly, I feel like if I can help people out from time to time, I probably ought to.

Also in the “hard” category – I have been asked what the theme of my blog is.  The truth is, I haven’t figured it out yet.  I think it’s mostly about becoming my best self, and encouraging others to do the same.  But who really knows, after only three posts?  Ask me again at the end of November.

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