Get Your Ta Kala Diokomen On

Among other things – daughter, sister, friend, CrossFitter, blogger, singer, and bacon-lover – I am a Kappa Delta.

Growing up, I never thought I would join a sorority in college, and how I decided to do so is a story for another day.  But when I did join, and was taught the open motto, I knew it was the place for me.

The Open Motto of Kappa Delta Sorority is Ta Kala Diokomenwhich means Let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful, and highest.

I sometimes tell people that I am a bit of a malcontent.  Usually that term conjures up images of crabby people who just want to bitch about the state of affairs, the term *actually* refers to a person who is not satisfied with the current state of affairs.  That, as my friends, family, and especially the poor souls who have had to work with me know, describes me to a T.  The status quo doesn’t do it for me – I am always looking for ways to be stronger, smarter, faster, and better. Or, as my sorority puts it – honorable, beautiful, and highest.

I’m quite sure a lot of Kappa Deltas don’t think about what the open motto means much.  They think it was something that they had to memorize to pass the New Member test so they could be initiated, or just as some Greek letters at the bottom of sorority crest. But ever since I was young, I have always tried to figure out how to be the best at whatever I’m pursuing – even when it’s hard.  And ever since I started serving on the Chapter Advisory Board for my chapter at MST, I have been thinking about being the best specifically in terms of the Open Motto.

Just in the past few weeks, I’ve considered the Open Motto a lot in my day to day life.

  • I worked my tail off to draft a new contract for 2013 for my client at work. In the past, the contract with this client was not as clear as it could be, resulting in confusion and unmet expectations both on our side and for the client.  The whole time I was writing the contract, I was trying to think how we can protect the interests of both sides in this business relationship.  I call that honorable.  And honestly, it may be beautiful too- I shall know that after my VP reviews it and provides feedback.
  • Last night, in the middle of a crabby, overtime induced snit brought on by working on pricing for the aforementioned contract , I chose to do a short workout at home when I REALLY didn’t want to.  I call that highest, because I am striving to incrementally improve my health over time.
  • Last weekend, I drove to St. Louis to attend a baby shower for friends I’ve known since college.  I am ridiculously busy right now and really didn’t have want to take the time to leave town for a weekend, but I chose to go because friendship falls in the beautiful category and the party was going to be chock-full of beautiful friends. (If you don’t believe me, read my blog post entitled On James)
  • I spent over 15 hours in one week on Skype with members of the nominating committee for the MST Kappa Delta chapter interviewing applicants for next year’s executive council and coaching the committee on how to fairly and objectively evaluate the candidates and prepare a slate of officers for the chapter to vote on.  These are some pretty significant responsibilities for a group of five 18 to 22 year old women to be tasked with, but they did a great job and the chapter now has a newly executive team to lead. To me, the girls definitely behaved honorably and strove for the highest.  The slate process itself is beautiful because it is consistent and encourages objectivity and professionalism.
  • On Thursday of last week, I went to have BLTs at the Peanut with some people from work, and treated my new friend Kristi to lunch to celebrate her conquering the first few days of quitting smoking cold turkey.  I call her effort to improve her health honorable and beautiful, and bacon is almost like a drug to me so you could probably consider it highest. (KIDDING, Kappa Deltas! Calm Down!)

So, yeah. Let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful, and highest.  Kappa Delta or not, you can apply this to your life.

Get your Ta Kala Diokomen on, people.

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