Busy Being Awesome

Life is busy.  My life is probably less busy than many of yours, since I am not trying to wrangle things like children who have sports practices at the same time on opposite ends of town the night my spouse has to work, or a second job, or serving as an active caretaker to an elderly relative.  Heck, I don’t even mow my own lawn. But I’m still busy.

That said, at the end of a day or week or year, it’s hard to remember what in the wide, wide world of sports I’ve been so busy *doing*.  Ever feel that way?  Burn the candle at both ends until you are ready to drop, but when someone, usually a person who wants you add yet another task to your to-do list, asks you “Well, what have you been so busy doing?” it’s hard to remember? I have that happen sometimes, and it’s not because I haven’t been doing anything worthwhile. More often, it happens because my mind is going eleventy billion miles an hour and I Just.Can’t.Think.Anymore.

Know what? I’ve decided that it actually doesn’t matter much whether or not you can rattle off what you did the last few days when someone asks “What have you been up to?”. Most people either don’t actually care enough listen, or care but don’t have time to hear what you’ve been up to. In the worst scenarios, telling what you’ve been doing just turns into an “Oh yeah? well I’m busier than YOU!” contest with the person who originally asked.  And I’ve had enough of that particular type of contest.  Nobody wins, and everyone just either feels like they have been ridiculed because they aren’t doing enough, or they feel guilty because they aren’t Doing It All and Having It All.

I have therefore decided that whenever I don’t have time or energy or inclination to answer the question “What have YOU been doing with yourself?” or any of it’s derivatives, I’m just going to give the best answer I can: “I’m busy being awesome!” This works for a couple of reasons.  For starters, though I certainly don’t always feel like it, I guess I am pretty awesome. I’ve been told that anyway – in fact, my friend Olivia says that I should know I’m awesome because she is only friends with awesome people. I am also into trying to improve myself so that I can continue in my journey to awesomeness, and I dig helping others do the same. Annnnnnd most importantly, in my unscientific test of this particular witty retort, I’ve found that when I tell I’m busy being awesome, I get a giggle or at least a smile most every time.  Granted, they may roll their eyes behind my back later, but I didn’t see that so it doesn’t count.

So yeah. I was busy all day Monday. I was out and about being awesome from 6:45am until 7:00pm with my busy, and came back home and did some being awesome the rest of the evening.  And I don’t think I’m done yet.

You should give it a whirl.  It’s fun being awesome.

4 responses to “Busy Being Awesome

  1. Diana, I started writing a blog when we traveled this past September. A friend of mine from the Fool has been doing a travel blog and inspired me to try. It’s hard work to remember to write every day or to try to get what you are thinking into some kind of cohesive piece. I wondered about adding photos or pictures, just to break up the blog a bit. Just an idea.


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