Dear Santa: What I Really Want For Christmas


Dear Santa,

The past several weeks everyone keeps asking me what I want for Christmas.  Even my family members that have decided not to exchange Christmas presents this year are kind of asking me this, because my birthday is in December and we are still going to celebrate that.  I may be 38 years old, but I would like to think I have been a very good girl this year so I’d appreciate if you’d try to see if I can get a few of my Christmas wishes. Here goes.

  • I want to have a good old fashioned Jewish Christmas with my mom and brother on December 25th – going out for Chinese food and hitting the movies. I don’t think they have ever experienced the joy of a Jewish Christmas, but I have learned over the last few years that Moo Shu pork and a good flick are a great way to spend the day. My other brother and his family can’t come visit until 12/26, and Les Miserables is opening in box offices nationwide, so I think this is the year to give this a whirl.
  • I’m sick of being fat, so I’d really like it if my family would be on board with not going crazy with too much rich food.  Almost all of us could stand to lose a couple of pounds, so it would be excellent if everyone would agree to de-emphasize feasting and re-emphasize health.  It is REALLY REALLY hard for me to resist delicious things that are bad for me, so if everyone would be good with helping control the environment instead of making me rely on willpower it would be fantastic.
  • My financial situation is such that I can (fortunately) purchase most things that I want or need.  In fact, my material life is so abundant that I have been spending a lot of energy on decluttering so that I can better enjoy things I love.  So I would really appreciate it if the friends and family who I do exchange gifts with could use their insight about  me as a person when choosing gifts.  I love books, movie gift certificates, pictures of nieces and nephews, gift cards to iTunes and Amazon, and anything that involves a really good spa treatment.  And I also love it when I get something that shows they truly love me.  Some of my favorite days all year are when my BFF Heidi sends me a handwritten letter via snail mail with a Chick-Fil-A coupon inside.  Maybe you can tell my friends and family to write me Christmas letters that let me know things they like about me?
  • My personality is pretty assertive and take charge, and as such I end up being the initiator and ringleader for virtually every social occasion I attend, whether it is lunch with friends, going out to the movies, or simply making phone calls to see what’s up.  I actually like that I am assertive, but it makes me feel lonely and like I’m not very important to people sometimes.  So could you please ask some of my friends to pick up the phone and call ME to make plans every so often next year?  It’s not that I never, ever want to take the lead on making plans – just that I’d like to know I matter enough to people that they think of me and want to be with me, too.
  • I want to cuddle with my sweet nephew, Micah. He is getting to be such a big boy, and it won’t be too long before he isn’t so cuddly anymore.  His sister and brother are already past wanting to cuddle. I don’t get to see him very often because he lives far, far away. So if you could let him know his Auntie needs hugs, that would be fantastic.
  • I’d like for my knees to hurt less after I jump rope.  I’m trying like crazy to learn Double Unders, which if you read my blog you would know about from this post last week.  But I can only practice for a few minutes before I have to stop or I hurt myself. I don’t know how this one gets fixed, which is why I’m asking you, Santa.
  • I’d like more love in my life.  And if you can’t fix it so Tony Stark magically becomes real and wants to be my true love forever, I would take someone smart, funny, handsome, and that knows the difference between a kipping pullup and a butterfly pullup to hang out with on Saturday nights.

Thanks for listening, Santa.  I know it’s been a long time since I wrote to you, but as I said previously I’ve been a very good girl so hopefully you can help.



2 responses to “Dear Santa: What I Really Want For Christmas

  1. Could I ask Santa for a younger bladder? I’m tired of peeing everytime I do double-unders! And by the way, you are my favorite new friend!
    Merry Christmas! – Ruthie


    • Ruthie, I think you can ask Santa for whatever you want….but I’m not sure whether the elves are equipped to build you a new bladder at the North Pole. You are a favorite new friend of mine, too! ❤


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