It’s The Thought That Counts: My Favorite Present So Far This Year

My birthday is officially over. *Le Sigh*

Some people would argue that my birthday has been over since the calendar clicked over to 12/13/2012, but I disagree. I am a firm believer that your birthday isn’t over until you’ve had your last birthday lunch/dinner/happy hour/whatever type of party.  For me, that was Sunday night, when I celebrated my birthday with my mother-in-law, L, over dinner with about 17 friends and family members at a local Chinese restaurant.  It was a great time – steamed edamame, mongolian beef, a couple pieces of sushi roll shared by friends, great conversation, and a cute baby to snuggle.

And along with all of the fabulous food and company, I also got one of the best birthday presents I have ever received, from my sister Jen and her family.

Socks. Four pairs of socks, to be exact.

Now, I’m sure some of you are remembering back to Christmases gone by when you received bad gifts, including socks, from wayward relatives who had no idea what on God’s green earth would be an appropriate gift for you. But in my world, socks can actually be a pretty decent gift if they are the right kind. And the socks Jen gave me are definitely the right kind of socks, because she got me some knee socks for CrossFit.

One of the best birthday presents ever!

One of the best birthday presents ever!

I’ve never really worried too much about my socks at CrossFit. I’ve seen the other cool kids come in rocking knee socks, but haven’t really been dying for any of them.  Honestly, I’ve been a little more worried about getting some new workout shorts and pants because my old ones are getting a little too big and a lot worn out – heck, I had to throw out two pairs today because they had holes in places you most definitely don’t want your pants to have holes.  But that isn’t to say I don’t like the socks some of my friends at the box wear.  And like most people, I’ve had a day or two here and there where I ripped up my shins on a bad deadlift so I understand that either longer pants or some knee socks could have blunted that pain – and prevented me from having to wear pants to a couple of job interviews this summer instead of a skirt.

So it’s safe to say that while I can and will definitely use my new socks at the gym, a fervent desire to own them is not the primary reason why they are such a good gift.  They are a good gift because they really truly demonstrate that Jen put a ton of thought into my gift.  To wit:

  • Jen isn’t a CrossFitter.  She isn’t fluent in the language of CrossFit, though she is definitely picking up a lot because I, the ridiculous Kool Aid drinker, talk about it all the time and she can’t avoid it no matter how much she’d like to.
  • I have not been talking about wanting knee socks for CrossFit. I’m not sure I’ve ever even talked about the merits of knee socks versus short socks with her at all since I’ve only worn regular short socks to the gym.  We might have talked about it a bit this summer when my niece L was marveling at the fashion choices of the female CrossFit athletes during the CrossFit games, but that’s about all I can remember.  This means that she didn’t just know to go buy socks, she had to research CrossFit gear, use her knowledge of what I do and don’t have, and decide to buy socks.  And knowing Jen, she researched the many variations of socks available and the pros and cons of said variations before deciding what to buy.  Because that’s how she rolls.
  • She bought me socks that match my awesome new Reebok Nanos, which are turquoise and which you can see in my prior blog post Baby Needs a New Pair Of Shoes. Jen is an artist and art educator, so things like coordinating my outfit for CrossFit are not lost on her.
  • And, most importantly, she bought me a pair of socks that say “AWESOME” because we all know I am Busy Being Awesome.

There are a lot of other presents that are simple but that I love for similar reasons.  Heck, a year or two ago one of my fave presents was also from Jen – a couple of magnetic notepads that could be used as grocery lists.  I had run out of them and mentioned them to her, and she found them at the dollar store.  She found a cute solution to a problem that was inexpensive, and that is in use to this day in my home.

That, my friends, is how you give a gift.  From the heart, with love.

The thought really, truly is what counts.

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