Health Accountability Update: The Bills Are Paid Up This Month


About five weeks ago, I published a post called Health Accountability: Time To Stop Whining and Start Paying The Bills, which was all about how I had let a bunch of bullshit excuses get in the way of making progress on my weight loss goal.  I received a lot of supportive comments, facebook posts, and emails from friends, family, and blog followers so I figured some of you might be interested in hearing how things have been going.

I have managed to surprise myself with my progress the last few weeks. On the morning of 12/2/2012, which is the day I decided to get my ass in gear, I weighed 228.2 pounds.  As of the morning of 1/4/2013, I weighed 216.4 – down 11.8 pounds in just under 5 weeks.  I am amazed, astonished, and ridiculously proud of myself for this achievement for a few reasons.  For starters, I finally FINALLY hit the milestone of losing 60 pounds since starting my healthy living efforts in late 2009.  I hit the 50 pound milestone about 18 or 20 months after I started, and then dickering around for quite some time in the 42- 56 pounds lost territory.  It seems like I have finally broken through that range!

In an even more interesting development, it looks like I am really starting to shake loose some inches from my body, too. In the post Annoying Yourself, I told about how bought new jeans in size 18 (which has been my size for a while) a few weeks ago as an incentive to get under 220 pounds. I reached that goal 2 weeks ago, and the jeans are already getting loose. If I didn’t have 3 pairs of size 16’s hanging out in my closet waiting to go, I’d be annoyed by this.  I also went shopping for bras today and found out that my size has changed again since October when I bought my last ones.  It’s a little frustrating to try and keep myself in properly-fitting bras these days, because the way I’m losing is resulting in much smaller band sizes and larger cup sizes – I’m squarely in specialty-lingerie shop territory right now.  In 2009, I was a size 42DD, and today I bought two 36Gs and2 34Hs.  As aggravating (and expensive) as this can be, I’m chalking this up as a first world problem.

In other news, I managed to reach my 2012 fitness goal of getting in 200 workouts – I actually got in 201 – and was inspired to set a goal of 220 for 2013. I’ve also been keeping up pretty well with the 100 Day Pushup Challenge that I started on 12/3/2012 with a bunch of friends from the box and from work. Somehow I got designated the official person who has to post what day of the challenge it is on facebook, but I don’t mind because it helps keep ME accountable and it’s kind of fun to be one of the ringleaders of a fitness challenge.

All in all – it’s been a great 5 weeks and I’m looking forward to extending my progress in the future! Thanks to everyone for the support!

2 responses to “Health Accountability Update: The Bills Are Paid Up This Month

  1. Congrats Diana! Another important aspect to be proud of is those 5 weeks included Christmas and New Year’s parties. You are such an inspiration!!!


  2. Shelby, thanks so much for your kind words. I do consider it a huge accomplishment to make this much progress during the holidays! This week has been rough because I’ve not been feeling well and thus haven’t worked out much, but I know I will get myself back in gear!


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