My Toolbox: The 80 Calorie Hunger Killer

Hard Boiled Egg

Every so often, I get asked by friends, acquaintances, and people I barely know how I have managed to lose 62 pounds over the last few years.  There are a lot of things that I tell them, some of which have already discussed on this blog and some of which I won’t talk about now because hey, I have to keep something for future blog posts. Most of the practices I tell people are things that I’ve done for many years.  But last fall, I discovered a new tool for my toolbox that I can’t believe I’d never embraced before: the 80 Calorie Hunger Killer known as the hard-boiled egg.

I have always loved eggs.  I will eat them just about any way you can think of.  My grandma used to make me fried eggs (in lard, as God intended) when I was a little girl.  This annoyed the crap out of my mom because it was a lot easier for her to scramble eggs than fry them, and I didn’t want scrambled.  Every Easter I used to make up a bunch of deviled eggs from the bounty delivered by the Easter Bunny.  And by gum, I can’t resist good Eggs Benedict.  Virtually every breakfast I eat has an egg or two. But until recently, I never realized how much punch they could pack AFTER breakfast.

The past couple of months, I’ve really worked hard to make the number on the scale start dropping again.  In a previous post “Danger Will Robinson”, I talked about how I did really well for a long time – even through Christmas – and then started faltering after a trip to Miami over MLK weekend. The biggest factor in my faltering?  Snacks at work.  I didn’t have anything with protein readily available to me the week I got back from Miami, and I paid for it.  I tried to be good by eating an apple when I was hungry in the afternoon – after all, apples are high in fiber, which fills you up.  But that didn’t work.  Basically, it was PROTEIN I needed, not fiber.  Because I wasn’t getting satisfaction from having some protein, I wasn’t always able to stop at eating the apple – I went and found other things that were not as good for me.  Or, if I managed to resist that temptation, I was a bit of a crabby beyotch all afternoon at work, which is not the way to win friends and influence people.

After that torturous week, I made my top food priority getting some eggs in the house and boiling enough to have one per day as a snack at work.  I was fortunate that I had time to make a nice Paleo chili and pull together some good veggie options, too – but the eggs were my highest priority. And it made a HUGE difference.  That week, I had an aggressive deadline to complete a project that I didn’t really know how to do yet, and had to work significant overtime.  Aggressive deadlines make me hungry, and stress makes me want things like cake and chips.  But thanks to the magic of the Hard Boiled Egg, I got through the deadline without completely trashing my diet. It was a situation where I could have easily fallen completely off the wagon and ruined WEEKS worth of progress – but I didn’t.

I’m still going to work my butt off to keep my food environment in check and make sure I can bring lunch most days each week.  But in the future, whenever I have to cut corners – my top priority will always be making sure I have a stash of incredible, edible eggs in my work fridge ready to go.

4 responses to “My Toolbox: The 80 Calorie Hunger Killer

  1. Protein keeps me from the sweets in the afternoon. I’m also a fan of a (measured out carefully in the morning) portion of raw almonds, or a string cheese…. Eggs are amazing. BTW–so are you Diana!!


  2. Another great post, DDD. And I agree on the importance of having boiled eggs on hand. They are great to eat “straight” or “deviled” or in tuna salad or chicken salad. To me, boiled eggs are definitely a STAPLE.


    • I don’t devil my eggs for this snacking purpose because they don’t hold up as well and I don’t want the calories from the mayo, but I do love deviled eggs as an occasional treat.


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