The Next Big Thing: 199 Or Bust


One of the most common questions I am asked by my friends and blog followers is what my short term health-related goals are, because everyone knows that you can’t achieve the big goals without knowing what your interim steps are.  I’ve posted before than in the long run, I’d like to get my weight down to about 160, which is considered healthy for my height, and also improve my general fitness, particularly some of my CrossFitty skills. This is actually more difficult than it should be at times, especially when you consider that my entire professional career has been built around breaking down complex business problems and creating solutions for them.  But right now, I am almost singularly focused on one weight loss goal – breaking 200 pounds. I want my weight to start with a “1”, not a “2” so badly I can practically taste it.  And for the first time in over 10 years, I am starting to feel like this goal is attainable.  Right now, I am in the low 210s, and given that I’ve lost around 15 pounds since early December, I am finally feeling like it could happen, and might even happen relatively soon.

If you’ve never had a significant weight problem, it can be hard to understand why getting below 200 is so important, but this barrier is so significant in the minds of people like me that I’m told by people it can be more exciting to hit this milestone than it is to reach your ultimate goal weight. This is completely understandable, especially for women, because there is hardly a situation in the world where being a woman over 200 pounds would be considered healthy.  And there is almost no situation in the world in which potential romantic or sexual partners truly enjoy the thought of being with someone who weighs over 200 pounds. It’s just too much weight for most women’s frames, unless they are pretty tall and rocking some SERIOUS muscle.  At 5’8″ and 32.3% body fat, I do not fit in either of these categories.

One of the things that I love about my CrossFit box is that there are so many like-minded people who are busting their butts to achieve ever-higher levels of fitness. For me, however, the small downside to being in this environment is that there aren’t all that many folks who are in the same place as I am right now. Fortunately, my friend Kelly, who write the Iron Chic Transformation blog, actually is.  Kelly is almost exactly the same height as me, and we are within 5 pounds of each other’s weight.  So we’ve decided to band together to break the 200 pounds barrier – hopefully once and for all – by providing support, accountability, and motivation to each other and hopefully getting some of those same things from our friends, families, and blog readership.

So how am I planning to do this? Basically, the same way I got from 228.4 on December 2, 2012 to where I am now – sensibly.  I’ve joined a challenge at my box called 8 Week Physique that runs through the beginning of April to add some extra help and structure around the same practices that have been successful this winter.  Eating whole foods, getting to the box 8 times a week, regularly taking weight, body measurements, and body fat readings, and for the love of all that’s right and good with the world logging my food intake.  I’m normally a slow-ish loser even when I’m doing a great job following a program, and just dropped a bunch of weight, so I don’t know if I will get under 200 during this challenge, but I’m sure going to try. And to add  a little more “oomph” to our personal 8 week challenge, we have decided to come together and write some joint blog posts so you can hear two perspectives from people shooting for the same goal. The rest of this message is all her!


In the last few months I have heard the term “Onederland” bandied about (maybe this has always been a thing but it’s new to me). At first it kind of irritated me, and then it sort of grew on me. Why, you ask? Well, when you are a woman who is over 200 pounds, and if you have been over 200 pounds (like me) since the 8th grade, the idea of stepping on the scale and seeing a 1 followed by anything seems like a mythical fantasy. A world where pants fit appropriately, calorie free champagne flows freely and your hair always looks fabulous: Onederland.

I have been to Onederland twice in the last three years, both times I promised myself I would never return to the 200’s, and yet both times I have found myself back here. On the side of the fence where I still feel like a big girl despite my efforts to transform. For so many years I have felt such terrible angst about my weight, feeling less than womanly or desirable because of the stigma attached to the number 200-something. I wish I could say I had overcome the frustration I feel when I step on the scale, but having achieved 196 in September 2012, then getting thrown all out of whack by injury and surgery, I am sitting again at 211-216 (depending on the moment, the scale, and how many clothes I am wearing) and I am completely annoyed. Also I keep forgetting that I have gained weight, I see myself in pictures and I am so frustrated. I looked so awesome this summer. Seriously friends, I have never in my life felt better looking.

I am more than determined to get back to onderland, I am on a mission. Only this time I am not working on this goal alone.  I have a great friend who is in the exact same position. Diana, from Sincerely, Diana, is also about to cross the threshhold into tinier tummy land and we are committed to getting there together (or at least encouraging each other!) We CrossFit together, we are similar builds and weights and we have both been fighting for our transformations for several years. She is an absolute motivator and inspiration to me.

Our CrossFit box is hosting an 8 week challenge, to encourage all of us to make some serious headway on our goals. Since my weight loss has been a bit stagnant and frustrating, my coach and I decided this would be an excellent opportunity to get me on track. Most of the time, I am not seriously concerned by the number on the scale, but as an athlete, and a dedicated transformer, I am ready to start focusing primarily on fat loss and weight reduction, because honestly I feel a heck of lot hotter when I am smaller…and isn’t the whole point of this to feel as attractive as possible? Oh wait, I meant to  say I feel a heck of a lot faster and isn’t the whole point of this to be the best possible athlete! Since I am banned from big weights post surgery, this is a great time to get faster, and thinner through lots of reps and smaller weights. It’s a good time to get myself into Onederland and it’s an even better time to stay there. My goal is to get so far away from the 200’s that it would be virtually impossible for me to return.


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