100 Day Pushup Challenge Update: Defeated

Baby PushupI love a good challenge.

I do not, however, like admitting defeat, and yet in the interest of accurately reflecting exactly how awesome I am for the seven people who read this blog regularly, I’m forced to do just that when the situation warrants.

My 100 day Pushup and Squat challenge is over.  It actually has been over for a while, but I was so aggravated by this that I couldn’t bring myself to post about it for a while.  I did pretty well on this challenge for a long, long time – it got hard for me pretty quickly from both a physical and a scheduling perspective, but I made it work.  But it all fell a part a few weeks ago when I realized that I was hurt and that even busting myself back to wall pushups was not going to cut the mustard if I wanted to get better.

The injury explains abandoning the pushup part of the challenge, but it doesn’t explain abandoning the squats part.  The truth is that I have been really bummed out about not being able to do my CrossFitty workouts, and I let it impact the squat challenge. I’m a whiny little pussy.  Sue me.

The good news in all this?  Well, it’s not the brightest silver lining in the playbook, but the good news is that I had the guts to attempt a challenge like this at all.  When the original 100 Day Burpee challenge started late last summer, I took one look at the crazy rules, combined it with the fact that the psychopath who invented the challenge picked BURPEES of all things, and said “I’m out” immediately.  This time, instead of running away, I tried like hell to make it work.  I call that progress.

The other good news? I finally became willing to occasionally exercise at home. Previously, I would work out at Prairie Life. I’d work out at the CrossFit box. I had no problems whatsoever with meeting a friend for a nice long walk on a lovely day.  But I had no desire to work out at home.  Participating in the 100 day challenge made me realize that sometimes home is the best place to exercise, and THAT realization kept me from giving up on my goal to work out 200 times in 2012 – indeed, if I hadn’t done some of my workouts at home (or at my mom’s house when I went there for Christmas) I would not have met my most important fitness objective in 2012.

Will I ever do another 100 Challenge? I don’t know.  Good old Brandon, who was the primary instigator of the first 2 100 day challenges, is probably crazy enough to dream up another one.  I might participate, I might not – but no matter what, I learned something about myself.

3 responses to “100 Day Pushup Challenge Update: Defeated

  1. Another good thing that came out of the challenge was that you got your friend David to do the challenge…and he’s on track to complete it tomorrow!

    More importantly, he’s committed to continuing to do 100 push ups each day after the challenge ends!

    Thank you!


    • David, I’m really glad to know that I was able to help someone out with their fitness, even if I wasn’t able to complete the challenge myself. ❤ You!


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