Health Accountability Update: Picking Myself Back Up


It’s the end of March, which makes it just about time for another fabulous Health Accountability update. In our last episode, Dealing with Injury, I shared that I’d been struggling due to dealing with an injury that made it impossible to keep up my workout regimen, but since I was doing fairly well with my eating plan, I was still making progress. This month was yet another mixed bag.

The Bad News

*The issues I’ve had with my neck and shoulder are getting better, with the exception of a relapse a few weeks ago that really set me back, but are on the mend again.  After being busted back to the elliptical machine and walking for a while – two activities I don’t really like – I got my chiropractors blessing to start using light weights again, which means I can do CrossFit if I scale the crap out of them.  Turns out, this isn’t much fun.

*I fell COMPLETELY, UTTERLY off the wagon with my food intake for over good solid week.  This started during my trip to Rolla for St. Pat’s – and I will cop to knowing I was making bad choices that weekend.  I’m a big believer that a couple of days of being off the wagon every few months isn’t a bad thing – we have to live life after all – but I let it continue longer than I should.  My friend Jeff left town on Monday morning, and I started making better choices that day – but still didn’t track all my food regularly or focus on eating clean for most meals.  Result? I gained several pounds – on Friday after Jeff left, I was at 215.2 after getting down to 209.0 less than 10 days prior.

*I’m off my game with my workout schedule due to dealing with Real Life.  I’ve gone 9 days without going to CrossFit, because my evenings were occupied with having company in town, going to Rolla, getting my taxes one, and in one case – going to bed really early because I was depressed and exhausted.

The Good News

You wouldn’t think with all of the stuff above there’d be any good news to report, and yet there is.  See, if these things had happened to me even a year ago, I would have been terrified of what it would mean for my future.  At that point, I wasn’t sure that if I got hurt I would be able to motivate myself to get back to working out.  And I wasn’t sure that if I gained some weight I would be able to get back on the program and take it back off again. I was terrified that if I got off track, I would turn back into this girl….

Before Picture

…..which is not where I want to be.

Now? Things are different.

See, these days I feel like I really, truly know that exercise and good eating are part of who I am.  It took over 3 years after starting this journey to feel that way, but I finally feel confident in saying I’m never going back.  I might relapse, I might gain a few pounds, and I might need to have some coaches and friends and blog followers encourage me or even kick me in the ass. But I’m not going back.  Barring serious medical condition or catastrophic injury, I will never be a 277 pound sedentary woman again.

And that, my friends, is the best news of all.

What’s Next?

As the title of this post says, I am picking myself back up.

I am preparing to eat cleanly so I can feel my best and start taking off those extra 6.2 pounds I found. I’m not just cooking for myself, I’m making some of my favorites so I won’t be tempted to stray away from my plan.

I am scheduling my workouts for next week and letting some of my friends know what I’m doing so that if I miss, they will reach out to hold me accountable.

And I am asking for help.  I have a few things going on that are impacting my mood and my ability to stay focused, and I’ve been isolating myself a little bit.  So I’m going to acknowledge that I need a boost and I will ask for it.


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