“Write Faster, Diana!”

Power of Words

Recently, my blog was the catalyst for a request on another online forum I belong to.  The request?  WRITE FASTER!

I’ve been a member of the other forum for well over 10 years, and have turned a several of my cyber-friends in that world into real friends.  Due to the nature of my membership in that forum, I’ve been able to promote my blog there fairly effectively.  There are a number of discussion boards in this forum, and I have posted a few of my writings on a weight loss/healthy living board there.  One particular reader of that board, V, has been really receptive and complimentary about my writing and has asked me to write faster a couple of times in the last couplefew weeks.

This is really, truly a nice request.  Heck, it’s even something I’ve thought about my favorite authors from time to time – I wish Douglas Adams hadn’t died at such a young age so I could have continued reading his wonderful stories for years and years.  For someone to ask me to write faster is a huge compliment.

I’ve been writing this blog for 5 months now. I started the blog hoping to just write very short little posts that maybe a couple of people would find witty every day in November 2012, as a show of solidarity for friends I have that participate in National Novel Writing Month.  Along the way, I found that that I actually have stuff to say on a variety of topics, some of which actually resonates with people.

Consider this:

*Unlike a lot of blogs, which are more like journals reporting someone’s day, virtually all of my posts have a point that is meant to be helpful to someone else.

*I do research for many of my blog posts – some of which I actually manage to cite. 🙂

*My blog posts are not short – I am not popping off 250 words of nothing, or just posting links to things I find neat. I follow some blogs that do that, and if the topic is interesting to me I appreciate them, but that’s not how I write.  Sometimes I think my posts are too long or should be split up, but oftentimes the content just doesn’t break up easily.  Heck, my post about depression was something like 3000 words long.  That’s a 6 page single space typed paper, kids.  We used to take a couple weeks to write a 500-1000 word paper in high school, so that’s not an insignificant amount of content.

*I’ve published 60+ blog posts in about 5 months.  Considering the above, I”m told that’s quite frequent.  Heck, there are professional, full-time bloggers that don’t publish relevant content 3 times per week.

*I work a full time job, work out regularly, and see friends and family.  In other words, I am doing all this while having a LIFE.

In addition to those factors, which I would see being pretty consistent unless I hit the lottery and can quit working, I also have a couple of other added stressors right now.

*There is some uncertainty about my employment situation at the moment.

*A relative was recently diagnosed with cancer.

*I have a close friend that it would not be too dramatic to say is pretty much dealing with an emotional/family crisis right now.

*All the above stressors, plus a couple I won’t mention here have led to me having a bout of depression that I’m trying to climb out of .

I like writing this blog – really I do.  I would like to write faster.  But it’s not really feasible right now. I’m the type that figures if I’m going to do something, I need to do it well – and writing 3 good posts per week is enough of a challenge. Especially when I am tired enough that a couple of my blocks of time to write have felt a lot more like carefully scheduled appointments with a case of writer’s block instead.

But without a doubt, I thank V for asking me to.  Her request makes me realize that I’m not writing into a vacuum and that I actually am touching some people.

2 responses to ““Write Faster, Diana!”

  1. Good post, DDD. I do trust that those high school papers were 500-1000 WORDS rather than 500-1000 pages. I don’t think your teachers would have been happy reading and grading that many pages. 😀


  2. Diana, I check your blog every day or two just to see if you’ve posted. I enjoy reading what you write, but I don’t expect you to post daily. If you did, I might not be able to keep up with everything you write. However, I am always excited when I see a new post or two that I can read.

    Also, I am a fellow NaNo girl, so we’ll need to look each other up this november!


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