The Unsweet Life of Sincerely, Diana

Keep Calm and No Sugar

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have your attention please.  It’s about to get ugly up in here.

Diana’s starting a sugar detox this week.  

More specifically, I am starting a 12 week program that consists of 3 weeks of sugar, artificial sweetener, and alcohol detox and 9 weeks of strict Paleo.  Normally, I am a moderation in all things kind of girl, but I decided to try something different.  If you want to hear about my reasoning, check out the Evolve Paleo Chef blog post, Cavegirl Reboot, that I wrote earlier this week.

This morning I detoxed my kitchen.  I don’t really cook much anymore, so I didn’t think I would have much to get rid of but I was wrong.  I got rid of *every single condiment* in my fridge, all my Crystal Light, all my soups except a couple of emergency cans in case I get sick, and found that I had some ridiculous things I don’t even EAT like Sugar Free Jello in my house.  I got rid of dried fruits not just because they are a no-no for 3 weeks but because for some ridiculous reason food manufacturers think my Craisins require sunflower oil. (WTF? Do they squeak or something?).

Although I’m a mostly-Paleo kind of girl already, I expect that this initial 21 day period is going to be tricky for a few reasons.  First, I have been eating some sugars and sweeteners, particularly honey, and I like fruit too.  But secondly, I have a trip to Chicago planned for next weekend.  Now Chicago is the kind of place where you can get WHATEVER YOU WANT to eat, including healthy stuff – but sadly I will be at a convention where I have little control over the food.  I am strongly considering seeing if I can switch to the gluten-free menu while I am there as it will be easier to avoid some of the things I need to stay away from.   Please cross your fingers that I don’t get too far off track during this trip!

There will be ups, there will be downs, and there will be freakouts along the way, but I am really interested in seeing how this works for me….thanks to Pilates 1901 for staging the program, thanks to Evolve Paleo Chef for having great food available to order that will meet the requirements, and thanks to all the people who I know will cheer me along!



3 responses to “The Unsweet Life of Sincerely, Diana

  1. Pack your suitcase with clothes and food!!! Take your own cooler of food, fill it with your options and load up the minifridge!!!!


  2. I am behind on your blog- how did this end up going?
    How is your eating now?
    obligatory long scrolly anecdote follows:
    Feb I did a Whole30 (you can google for the details) – I was home for the whole time, which was helpful. It was a LOT easier than I thought it would be, especially considering that I bake bread 3x/week when I am home. I did not de-process-food the house, because i am not the only person who lives there and the idea of throwing away food makes me insane. But I digress.
    What I did realize, though, is that I stopped sampling while preparing food for my household, since much of what I cooked was off my menu – grilled cheese, halloumi, clif & granola bar knock offs, twice baked potatoes, pasta, homemade cookies …no cookie dough for me.
    I had 2 days between end of the Whole30 and Lent (which is dairy/sugar/wheat free anyway- Hey! that sounds close to the whole 30!)
    I had a little sugar, a couple glasses of wine, once slice of bread then and WOW did I notice.
    So I am on a 3 week travel trip. I cannot IMAGINE asking a European cook to “let me know if there’s butter in that soup base” …
    and I had a special occasion where I knew I would have a glass of wine.
    But I am striving for mostly whole30 again until Easter.
    Differences (so far) – the whole 30 combined with a gym challenge on the GHD has dropped about an inch off my waist. As I am often told by a particular guy “Abs are made in the kitchen.”
    I don’t see myself really going back (full time) to “standard” eating. I anticipate continuing with a mostly Whole30 with occasional steps away for a special occasion, and wine will probably come back into the picture more often than not, but I think beer is out.
    peace & adjustments


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