Life, Uncluttered

It’s been a few months since I posted anything new here – and a couple of years since I regularly posted at all.  The Earth clearly has managed to keep spinning while I was busy Not Blogging, and I have been busy slowly working through making some changes in my life.  And the more I embrace doing more of what I want in life, the more I realize something hugely important.

I am weighed down by STUFF.

I am not something out of a Hoarders episode, and in fact most people who have been in my home would have a hard time believing that I have a problem with owning too much stuff, but I do.  Recently, I’ve felt more and more urgency to make progress in this area, and as a result started reading blogs and Facebook groups on the topic for inspiration.  I even joined a 12 week online class called Uncluttered, which is led by Joshua Becker of Becoming Minimalist, to help me stay focused.

One thing I really like about Joshua Becker is that he’s not one of those zero waste, tiny house, only own 100 things types of minimalists that ends up being militant about EVERYTHING.  He is a married guy with 2 kids who believes in having things that support the interests and needs of his family.  This appeals to me more because it reinforces living with less is a lifestyle, not just a 5 step process that has umpteen rules.  As much as I like being able to do a project and call it complete, I don’t think that’s conducive to something like lightening your material load.

I’ll write plenty about this effort as I go through it – not just the process I go through or the guidelines I used, but also the emotional and practical aspects. I will have successes, and I will have failures – and I am sure some of you will think I am utterly bananas when you see some of the choices I make along the way. And if I’m really on point, someone out there on the Interwebs will find that they are able to in the hopes that I can help others get rid of the unnecessary and enjoy abundance along with me.

Let’s do this.


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