About Diana


Hi. I’m Diana.

I’d call myself ordinary, because on some levels I am – but my focus the last few years has been making the most of my life – taking it from ordinary to extraordinary.

I work as project manager at a software company, but that’s what I do not who I am.  I could decide to do something different tomorrow and if it helps me lead the life I want, it’s all good.

In 2009, my world was rocked when I lost my husband Andy to cancer.  Shortly after his death, I realized I was in danger of wasting my life if I continued to neglect my health and focus on the daily grind. I felt sick and tired all the time, and I also felt very down on myself in general.  I made the decision to focus less on work and more on health, relationships, and having a good time in my life.  Since that time, my life has changed a lot – I’ve lost weight, become a regular exerciser, made a lot of new friends, and figured out a whole lot about what is important to me.  I’ve learned to value relationships and health much more than things and have been very focused on lightening my load of material possessions.

Stuff you’ll read about on my blog…..

Uncluttering my home and my life

Weight Management Practices

CrossFit and other fitness topics

Observations on life, relationships, and what really matters

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